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The new Delay Tactics CD, Elements of Surprise "is described as a techno-pop instrumental . .  a collection of superb musical pieces that range from delightful laid back slide guitar over atmospheric music layers to faster tempo compositions with dance beats, always topped by excellent guitar work."
--Progressive Rock

Listen to the Delay Tactics interview on
the Echoes Radio podcast from Public Radio International.

EoS Cover 1652px Square 300dpi.jpg
Kay Suzuki (Time Capsule Records / Afrobuddha):
"Deep and transformative. Delay Tactics inhibited a very Amercian aspect, but sounds reminicent of Krautrock and European ambient and balearic movements shine through."
Sally Adams (A Man Called Adam):
"Emotional Rescue keeps uncovering and highlighting not just dub, disco or dancefloor reissues, but most importantly brings projects like Delay Tactics to our attention. Blown away by this new age meets electronica!"
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