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Short Takes by JD Considine

Delay Tactics- Any Questions? (Multiphase). "This midwestern trio has developed a sound that captures all the quirky pop appeal of Brian Eno's early solo work, while maintaining a compositional
rigor that would do Philip Glass proud. Which means that not only are the cuts texturally interesting, they're also delightfully tuneful."


DELAY TACTICS: Any Questions? (LP; Multiphase Records)
"An energetic, up-beat album, Delay Tactics's second, is a h1gh·qualty production with plenty of attention to detail. The1r two guitars, bass, and percussion. rounded out with synthesizers, Instrumental-like vocal, and seagulls, are used in varied, interesting combinations. There are no catchy tunes to walk away humming to but the use of tape loops, reverb. and signal processing lay the basis of extensive thematic development in this full-length LP. It opens with "Pterodactyl." a rock guitar overlaying a grooving somewhat latin background. The album closes with "Woman in a Room of Colors." an ethereal mood setter. A nice touch to this quiet finish is recurring, growly, bass notes to tickle a good speaker system."  -Jom Kaplan


" instrumental rock set that seems influenced by non-ambient Eno and perhaps Bill Nelson."


"Impressive is the complex, lighthearted machine age music of St. Louis trio Delay Tactics "Any Questions?" Features gifted composer/guitarist and producer. The well rounded Carl Weingarten affably avoids many of the pitfalls other musicians seem to fall in to often these days on synth-oriented projects. He gives us melody and enough variance to keep an interest. Along with his co-composers and musicians, Walter Whitney and David Udell, this marks a positive for a much maligned style of expression lately." (Multiphase Records)


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