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"This Midwestern trio has developed a sound that captures all the quirky pop appeal of Brian Eno's early solo work..." --JD CONSIDINE, MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

Delay Tactics was among the first American bands to produce music using digital instruments, including looping, sampling and delay effects, and was one of the most innovative indie bands of the 1980s. Formed in 1981 as the tape-looping guitar duo of Carl Weingarten and Reed Nesbit, Delay Tactics made its mark with late night ambient music concerts in St. Louis movie theaters. Within a year, synthesist/sound designer Walter Whitney joined the band while recording the first Delay Tactics album, Out-Pop Options (Multiphase 1982). Nesbit departed in 1983 and was replaced by guitarist David Udell (of Wax Theatricks) and Delay Tactics released their second album, Any Questions? (Multiphase 1984).


Highly praised by Musician Magazine, Keyboard, Option and other publications, Delay Tactics was a hit on college radio, receiving extensive play throughout the U.S., including flagship stations KCRW in Los Angeles and WNYC in New York.  2000 copies of Any Questions? and only 500 units of Out-Pop Options LPs were pressed. 

Elements of Surprise is the latest release from the techno-pop instrumental trio Delay Tactics, making the band’s remarkable return with their first new album in 38 years. Produced and recorded by the original members Walter Whitney (keyboards, synthesizers), Carl Weingarten (electric and slide guitars) and David Udell (acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards), with special guest Michael Manring on fretless bass, Elements of Surprise contains all new songs ranging from the pop-ambient sound of ”Viola’s Ascent” to the pastoral and evocative “Acoustic Reprise” to the prog inspired “Shadow of Berlin”, all showcasing the Delay Tactics signature sound

EoS Cover 1652px Square 300dpi.jpg
Delay Tactics Any Questions - Front (350
Delay Tactics Out-Pop Options - Front (3




  • Elements of Surprise (2022) Weingarten-Whitney-Udell

  • Any Question? (1984) Weingarten-Whitney-Udell

  • Out-Pop Options (1982) Nesbit-Weingarten-Whitney


As Guests

  • Walter Whitney - Composer X (1983)

  • Carl Weingarten - Pandora's Garage (1992)

  • Carl Weingarten & Walter Whitney - Primitive Earth (1990)



  • Imperfect Strangers (2020 Compilation) Weingarten-Whitney-Udell-Nesbit

  • The Urban Cabaret Vol I-III (1982-1987)

Band members 1982-2020

  • Carl Weingarten - slide guitar

  • David Udell - guitar, bass, percussion

  • Walter Whitney - synthesizers, keyboards

Band members 1981-1982

  • Carl Weingarten - slide guitar

  • Reed Nesbit - guitar

  • Walter Whitney - synthesizers, keyboards

Special Guests

  • Joan Bouise - vocals

  • Jim Mayer - electric bass

  • Michael Manring - fretless bass

  • Susanne May, Jerry Huth - photography

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