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"Long out of print, Carl Weingarten and Multiphase Records return to Emotional Rescue with Imperfect Strangers an LP collection of the music of Delay Tactics and their, reel-to-reel, collaborative experimentation that spawned two remarkable albums."

Side A

Yellow Samba 5:31

Hands Of Fire 3:44

Cymbolia 3:45

Oysters 3:28

Basic Tactic 1:57

Almost Touching 4:27


Side B

Kites 6:04

Journey To Omdurman 2:32

Under The Ice 4:17

Chasing Moroder 5:37

Spring Man 2:56

Woman In A Room 3:37

"The sound is prime inquisitive 80s, teetering between the traditional band dynamic and the experimental pastures of technology-powered music. At times infectiously playful ('Oyster') and at others compellingly beautiful ('Kites'), Delay Tactics are exactly the kind of band that deserve another moment in the sunshine."  --Juno Records, UK

CARL WEINGARTEN Guitar, Slide Guitars, Loops, Delays

WALTER WHITNEY Synthesizers, Percussion, Programming, Replay Flute, Treatments.

DAVID UDELL Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass,Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizer

REED NESBIT Guitar, Devices

JIM MAYER Electric Bass on "Almost Touching" and "Kites"

JOAN BOUISE Vocals on "Oysters"


A1, A3, A5, B2, B4 composed by Reed Nesbit,

Carl Weingarten and Walter Whitney

A2, A4, A6, B1, B3, B5, B6  composed by Carl Weingarten, Walter Whitney and David Udell.


Produced by Delay Tactics.

All songs recorded at Subterranean Sound Studios, Overland, MO Recorded by Walter Whitney, except “Basic Tactic” recorded by Greg Glazier.

** Remixed by Noah Perry

Remastered by Noah Perry.

Mastering by Optimum

Photography Jerry Huth, Susanne May

Redesign by Stuart Hardie.

P & C 1982 / 1984 / 2020 Multiphase Records.

Exclusively licensed to Emotional Rescue Recordings.

Distributed by Juno. Made in EU. ERC098.


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