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1. Viola’s Ascent 07:55
2. Kalimba Lounge 05:08
3. Shadow of Berlin 05:10
4. Don't wake the pharaoh 5:45
5. Fire Ceremony 4:35
6. Ever Unwinding 05:23
7. Idea3 04:30
8. Acoustic Reprise 04:37
9. Three Voices 05:02

Walter Whitney – synthesizers, electric guitar, manipulated sounds, fizzy guitar, drums, piano


David Udell – electric/lead guitar, steel and nylon string acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards synth, cut and paste.


Carl Weingarten – acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, loops, delays


Michael Manring – fretless bass

Composed and produced by Delay Tactics

Special thanks to guest Michael Manring


All music copyright © 2022 Weingarten-Whitney-Udell


Recorded and mixed between 2016 and 2022 at:


Multiphase Studios, Alameda, California

Fox & Crow Studios, Bourbon, Missouri

A Little Piece of Heaven Studios, St. Louis, Missouri


Mastering: J. Goody

Design: Tom Carlson

Art: Walter Whitney


MP-CD127 Copyright © 2022 Multiphase Records


DDD 48:19

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